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Best Sublimated Print Ideas for Women’s Dresses

  • Oasis Sublimation
  • November 5, 2021

Dresses are an emotion. Be it a long-waited date plan or a high-ended party, dresses can make you look magical! Girls, we all have been in situations where we couldn’t decide which print to adorn ourselves with for an occasion. But do not worry, this blog will aid you for future instances.

Sublimation clothing in USA has turned out to be immensely popular amongst all age groups. They provide an exclusive look that is suitable for all purposes. Sublimated garments fit you to the rim and accentuate your features. Sublimated designs are made to look bright and detailed, hence, giving you the sexy look. Make a statement that signifies your presence by wearing an incredible sublimated design dress.

4 different prints that suits sublimated dresses the most


  1. Animal print – Want that sexy look for a wild party? Wear those low V-cut mini dresses with leopard or a cheetah print and make everyone around you awed! Couple it up with a sexy pair of triangle glasses and fur scarf and just set the stage on fire!
  2. Black and white geometric designs– Geometric designs on black and white fabric work the best for formal parties. Wearing it along with a veiled sunhat on a beach- party can surely make jaws drop. If you want to impress someone, this is just the dress you should go with. And make sure to pearl it up!
  3. Rainbow splash on solid background color– Just imagine a painter splashing random colors on an empty canvas. As you watch the colors droplets glide down the canvas, a dress being pressed on it. No, that is not how sublimated dresses are manufactures, but surely you can imagine how the design of the dress would be! This is one of the best cocktail dress designs to flaunt around! Pair it up with a sling bag and you are all ready to go!
  4. Floral prints – These are the most common, and the most soothing designs for an all-time wear. Flow throughout the day wearing floral prints and spread happiness all around! These designs are celebrated from classical times and vintage times; even now they have not lost their market. Floral designs have become a canonical design idea that is never to go out of fashion.

Wholesale sublimation clothing suppliers in the States have a huge contribution to the fashion trends that seem to shake people up! One of the best manufacturers of sublimated dresses provides you with an updated catalog that is ensured to make you excited! Don’t lose out, order now!

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