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Bring Flair and Finesse to Sports Uniforms with Sublimation

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  • August 23, 2016

Taking a look at sports uniforms of the yesteryears, it is evident that sports had no association with fashion whatsoever. But one look at Rio Olympics 2016, ATP World Tour or UEFA Euro 2016, it is clear that sports clothing have come a long way and that fashion has certainly forayed into the sports apparel industry to add spunk and spice for the spectators to truly enjoy a game. If you own an entry-level or professional sports team and thinking of dressing up your players to look and play their best, we suggest that you take dye-sublimation printing into consideration.

Sublimation Makes Boring Shirts Interesting and Fun

Polo shirts and jerseys are normally used for sports activities. Be it soccer, American football, cricket or any other sports, polyester-blend shirts are used because of its versatility and ability to wick off moisture easily. Solid colors and patterns elevate the visual appeal of uniforms but to make some serious fashion statement when out there on the field, players need something extra – sublimated shirts. Sublimation printing provides for unlimited design and color possibilities. If you can get in touch with custom clothing manufacturer, then you can place bulk order for personalized shirts carrying the name and number of the players, the logo or name of the team or club that they represent and other such design details which will help them stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Sports lovers seem to like being able to don the jersey or shit of the team that they support. If you make your team’s uniforms fashionable, you might even be able to earn extra by selling team merchandize.

The Shorts Have to Look Equally Appealing!

sublimated shorts

Shirts and shorts are part of the same package and no team uniform can look distinct with the right style aesthetics if you only decide to invest on the top half and forget about the bottom-wear. As part of a uniform, the shorts are generally in the same color as the shirt and do not carry such details as the name and number of players, club name and so on. Keep it simple but opt for sublimated shorts to add vigor into the entire package! Sublimation printing helps to retain the richness of the hues, crispness of the prints and even after several washes, the color and print stays intact.

Inspire an entire generation of youngsters to get up and indulge themselves in some kind of sports activity or another by showing it to them the celebrity-status that players receive along with adulation of thousands of spectators. Contact a reputed manufacturer and place your order for sublimated shirts and shorts so that your players are motivated to keep pushing forward, knowing that they look awesome!!

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