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From Sublimated Socks To Side Slits, The Face of Women’s Fashion in The Future is Bright

  • oasissublimation
  • August 26, 2018

2018 has witnessed some of the major fashion trends, in a beautiful blend of vintage and contemporary ones. This proves that the face of the global fashion scene is quite bright and these trends of 2018 are going to continue for the next few years, according to reports. While some are classy, some are quirky, and these fashion trends help the women to curate some of the most wonderful and amazing style statements.

Women’s fashion has a lot of scopes and opportunities and this sector never stops experimenting. You can easily blend tow completely different types of clothes, and still look odd but highly fashionable and make this a trend. From the printed sublimated socks to the slide slit dresses, or the comeback of the checks, there is a lot to splurge on for women in recent times.

Here are some trends that are surfacing now, and will continue to evolve in the future.

The metallic finesse

For the party freak women, the clothes with metallic finishes are creating a stir. These clothes, be it tops, skirts or dresses come with gold, silver or bronze finishes, with sparkles and shimmer all over that make them appropriate to be worn at evening parties with minimal accessories, sleek footwear, and dark lipstick. The glittery metallic finished clothes are excellent!

The crazy patterned socks

Do you find this a new and weird trend to wear the sublimated printed socks with plain clothes? This is indeed a fresh new highlight that has been surfacing in the global fashion scene, giving way to a vibrant and colorful touch with different attires. Women can go for the color-blocked ones, the florally patterned socks, the polka dotted, abstract printed and much more. Wear them with frocks, skirts, denim, and much more to create some fun ensembles. The printed customize socks for basketball are also worn by women to carry on the athleisure looks.

Millennial pink replaced by lavender

The soft and soothing shades of lavender and lilac popped up in spring 2018 and is hugely loved by the women for subtle feminine vibes and class. These shades are going to sustain in future as well and look well in every item, from formal blazers to party wear and casual tees.

The 60’s floral prints are back

The designers have successfully brought back the 80’s floral trends through dresses and skirts that are characterized by dramatic colors and large buds. Women are blending them not just with single colored and neutral shaded clothes but also with other prints like plaids and stripes.

Peekaboo side slits

The sexy and flattering side slits are a major fun element for women, and these are really a ground-breaking style quotient today. From the splits in wide-leg trousers and jeans to skirts and thigh-high dress slits, you can easily show off some skin in 2018 and the years to come.


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