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How to Expand Your Business with Sublimation Printing in 2022

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  • December 30, 2021

Sublimation printing is used to print on a wide range of objects, from home decor to clothing and accessories. As a result, sublimation printing is in high demand. It has grown in popularity to the point that the overall value of the sublimation industry is predicted to reach $14.57 billion by 2023.

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So, what exactly is sublimation printing, and how does it function? Let’s take a deeper look at two sublimation printing technologies, their benefits, and how you should use them in your business in 2022.

What Exactly is Sublimation Printing?

Instead of printing on top of your selected product’s material, sublimation printing integrates your design into it. It’s used to print on everything from hard-surfaced mugs to other textile goods.

Sublimation is best suited for printing on light-colored textiles made of polyester blends, polymer-coated fabrics, or 100% polyester. Leggings, sweaters, and shirts, as well as purses, laptop sleeves, and even home decor are just a few of the numerous things that may be sublimation printed. The end product is spectacular!

What is The Process of Sublimation Printing?

The process of sublimation printing begins with the printing of your design on a piece of paper. Sublimation ink is infused into the sublimation paper, which is subsequently transferred to the substrate using a heat press.

The importance of heat in the process cannot be overstated. It ignites the sublimation ink and opens the substance of the item being printed. The ink is subjected to extreme pressure and high temperatures of 350-400 ºF (176-205 ºC) to become a part of the material.

In the textile sector, sublimation-printed items are classified into two types: ready-made products and cut-and-sew products. Some firms sublimate ready-made laptop sleeves, blankets, towels, and socks but construct the rest of their sublimation items using the cut & sew approach. The majority of their cut and sew goods are clothing, but they also provide accessories and home decor.

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Design prints are directly transferred onto the shirts in the case of ready-made sublimation shirts. When the sublimation paper is coordinated with the shirts, the portions surrounding the seams may be pleated and not sublimated, resulting in white streaks on the shirts.

To avoid this happening with the all-over print shirts, manufacturers decided to stitch them from the ground up, utilizing the cut & sew process.

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First, the design is printed on a piece of cloth rather than a ready-made shirt by the in-house skilled team. The cloth was then divided into numerous sections—front, back, and both sleeves—and sewn together. In this manner, there are no white streaks to be seen.

Products That can be Cut and Sewn are Available too

The cut and sew technique is also used by manufacturers for a wide range of items. First and foremost, there are the bespoke all-over print shirts discussed above. The shirts are available in a variety of sizes for men, women, children, and youth, as well as designs such as crop tees, tank tops, and crew necks.

sublimated shirt

The Advantages of Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing creates brilliant and long-lasting colors, making it ideal for all-over print materials. Let’s have a look at how you may take advantage of these benefits!

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Sublimation prints do not break, peel, or fade since the ink permeates into the fabric of the object. The print will appear as good as new even after some washing. It’s a terrific selling feature to ensure buyers that your product will last for many years.

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Creativity is Allowed

Although subdued hues are making a comeback, the fondness for vibrant, vivacious colors is not going away anytime soon. Sublimation printing is ideal for bringing out the rich colors in pictures, true-to-life images, and patterns that do not require exact, set alignment from seam to seam. Keep those seams in mind while visualizing your all-over print output, and give your design some wiggle space!

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Creating patterns is a simple method to accomplish this! Try out the built-in pattern tool of renowned sublimated clothing suppliers‘ design makers, and you’ll have your design ready in no time.

Design Options are Virtually Limitless

With tie-dye parading down the runways and 60s flowery wallpaper designs resurfacing, all-over print graphics are all the rage right now. Make the entire object your canvas with sublimation printing and design your statement piece!

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This Year, Add Sublimated Goods to Your Product Catalog

Sublimation printing is at the forefront of both daily and specialized styles due to its brilliant, long-lasting colors and stylish all-over print design options. Furthermore, it may be done on-demand, with no upfront costs.

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Now that you understand what sublimation printing is and how it may help your shop develop, all that remains is for you to produce your own sublimated items. If you already have a design that you want to print on a product, simply go to the product catalog of a reputable manufacturer, select your favorite, and upload your design. If not, contact its skilled graphic design team, who will gladly put your ideas to reality.

Business owners if you want to pack your store’s stock with new collections of wholesale sublimated apparel this New Year make sure to reach out to a manufacturer and place your bulk orders.

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