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How To Maintain The Sublimation Designs For T Shirts? Tips To Care For Printed Tees

  • oasissublimation
  • August 28, 2018

Sublimation technology has become a highly popular printing technique in the global fashion scene, and a lot of individuals are preferring sublimation printed garments. The sublimation printing technology has become quite popular these days as this process gives way to artistic and highly realistic printed clothing pieces with the right use of brighter hues. It is easier to maintain the sublimation clothes and also they are very long lasting.

Most importantly, the sublimation tees and jerseys are great outfits that are versatile enough to work perfectly for several casual occasions, both for men and women. Different patterns and motifs ranging from floral to abstract, geometric and much more find a place in the super amazing sublimation clothes.

Now, if you don’t maintain the printed tees properly, they may get distorted in quality and color with time and subsequently lose their luster. If they are not properly washed or dried, the colors fade away gradually and you will notice that the vibrancy also starts to get diminished. Thus, for any printed clothing, correct washing and maintenance techniques are integral to assure their longevity.

Here are some tips to take proper care of sublimation designs for t shirts or jerseys

Turn the garments inside out while washing

Do you want the colors to remain for a long time with the same vibrancy even after multiple washes and regular usage? Then the best technique would be to wash the printed sublimation tees by turning them inside out. According to the experts, they greatly benefit from being turned inside out as unnecessary friction ribs off the design easily. Thus, always switch to gentler washing techniques while washing the printed tees.

Wash all the similar clothes together

Never ever wash the whites and colorful printed clothes together, as this is a grave mistake that many commits. Not just the colors, even the textures of all the clothes get distorted rapidly when one does this. Always wash clothes together when they are of similar fabrics, and make sure to keep the sublimated clothes away from the items with zips and buttons. When the harsher materials rub against soft ones, the prints easily come off.

Always wash with cold water

This is the golden rule for all types of clothes: heat is really bad for washing them, and cold is highly preferred. If your sublimation clothes are not that dirty, make sure to use cold water for laundry work. Cold water takes proper care of the printed designs and doesn’t let go of the colors or textures.

Say no to bleach

Never use bleach for your sublimated clothes as it is a very harsh element that again damages the quality and color. Thus, use non-harsh laundry detergent. Softeners and any other toxic washing agent must be avoided, rather go for a milder soap that will take care of your clothes.

Better to avoid dryers

Definitely, the dryers save a lot of time, but they also damage the quality of printed clothes. The application of heat through them shrinks the garments and also makes the print peel or crack. Thus, avoid dryers, or dry cleaners, and dry them in old-fashioned ways.

Let the clothes dry under a shade

While drying the sublimated clothes, they should not be in direct contact with sunlight as the harsh light is dangerous for the colors and prints. Use a shade to dry the clothes or spread them in a fan with the fan switched on.

Stay away from ironing

The same rule applies here that heat is not good for the sublimated jerseys hockey or printed tees. Thus, try to avoid ironing and if you have to use it, turn to the lowest setting and iron the garment turned inside out.


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