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Instagrammable Outfits: Do You Have Them in Your Warehouse?

  • oasissublimation
  • April 23, 2019

Spite the young ones just as much as you want, it is happening! Social media platforms are shifting culture. It was quite evident in the places that millennials preferred to travel. And it’s now even more evident in the outfits they choose to invest in. “Instagrammable clothes” or fashion is now a thing. As a business owner, you can either ponder over its social implications or you can act quickly to leverage on this surging trend. We suggest you do the latter. Your top competitors are already onto it.

All About Looks

If the name didn’t already give away the punch line, Instagrammable outfits are wears that would make one look more attractive on Instagram. While the primary obsession is to actually look good in front of family and friends (and strangers) on this platform, a major reason behind the surge of this trend is influencer marketing. Instagram is filled with celebrities and influencers. Many, in fact, make full-time income of posting glam pictures and promoting brands.

For example: Did you know, per reports, Kylie Jenner makes $1 million per paid Instagram post?

The idea is simple. Look good in pictures. It would amass more followers. And more the followers, more money the influencers can demand from brands for promoting their products. This whole nourished ecosystem, which is expected to grow and get over-leveraged in the years to come, has made Instagrammable outfits a new thing in the fashion scene. So many clothing business owners are already tapping on this market shift — and you can too.

Give Your Wholesale Collection A Shuffle

Of course, the kind of Instagrammable outfits you should stock largely depends on where your business is based and who you target. This calls in for research work on your end. Spend time in doing research and finding what kind of “photo-ready” wears in your collection would the millennials appreciate the most.

Generally put though, vibrant color apparels are extremely popular in the social media game. And rightly so! After all, the subtle and standard varieties don’t make as much noise. So, you can start by stocking your warehouse with a bold and forward range of tops, bottoms and outwears for women and men. This makes sublimation clothing one of the foremost choices. They are usually more colorful with a dash of boldness that can out-stand wearers in the crowd. So, find a good manufacturer and invest big in custom sublimated shirts, sublimation polo shirt, hoodies, dresses, and pajamas.

Sublimation wears are already quite popular in the fashion world. Their craze is expected to grow even further since they are more Instagrammable than others.

In the end, the bottom line is simple: The trend of Instagrammable outfits is going big in the coming months and years. As a clothing business owner, you must be ready for it.

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