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Make Bold Style Statements With These Sublimated T-shirt Prints

  • oasissublimation
  • February 2, 2018

When we spell out the word ‘fashion’, in that every moment some fashion junkies might be bending fashion norms warming the cockles their heart while some with their foggy or quirky imagination might be painting life in their tees, pants, hoodies and more! Well, sublimated printed clothes are making a big statement and finding a stable place in the closet of the millennials and there are no two ways about it. Here’s a look at the printing dictates of the season deliciously wrapping you up in hot style.

The festive season hangover!

Well, when it comes tickling your fashion sense, it can be worse than 10 shots that you had at the club last weekend when you partied hard. You can choose all over print sublimated clothing that has the Christmas essence intact, may be a vibrant image of the super-yummy Christmas lunch, the Yule log straight-on- your- face celebrating the Yuletide spirit or painting the tees in the red, green, white Christmas hues flaunting slogans that state your heart’s dilemma. The big celebratory moments with crackers, lights, music, party anthems can find a place in your tees too, the sublimated way. Let the vibrant hues, high-end sublimated ink and prints scream out how you miss 2017 now and said a sorrowful goodbye while welcoming 2018 with big dreams smeared in your eyes.

The chic damsel print

Well, standing at this point of time we can safely say that the people on our planet is on mission to go healthy with a number of diets, weight loss tips, names of supplements, before-after weight loss stories, health expert talks, healthy recipes just flooding the internet. If you have been really health conscious and have managed to cut the flab and want to go out with a bang sporting cut and sew sublimated crop tops, who’s stopping you?? Let your imagination go wild and depict a sassy image of a hot girl with bold red lips, cheeky smile, high heels just letting the temperature to soar high; go bold with sublimated crop-tops! If you are carefree and do not worry much about your curves and love handles, then put on those baggy sublimated t-shirts embossed with the image of a chic girl, accessorize as you wish, put on that pair of jeans and sneakers to complete the oh-so-awesome look!

The plaid-look with the sublimated edge

Plaids have always been big and created a huge stir in the fashion scene and it continues to rule in 2018. When the plaids go big and bold with the bright colors with all over plaid printing in big measures, then nothing can tame the vibrancy level of such sublimated t shirts. So now you know what’s hot and cold in the fashion realm, drape your fashion sense and wardrobe in the coolest way, now!

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