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New Era in Socks Industry of Colorful and Fancy Sublimation Socks

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  • February 29, 2016

Few would have thought years back that people would ditch the old clichéd black, white and grey types of socks and root to colorful and fancy varieties. But today it has come true; sublimation socks have become crazily popular.

And what’s like an extra scoop of joy for small businesses is that top manufacturers are offering a wide range of such socks with a very flexible and comprehensive customization option. Besides, their collection also includes many sports specific socks, like custom hockey socks and custom basketball socks. All these eventually give the small businesses ample of opportunities to meet their customers’ demands and needs very adequately.

Hockey Socks-oasissublimation

Knowing Who Want What

Although personalization offers ample of opportunities, it also calls in for little understanding and planning. You need to know which group of your customers will want and like what variety of sublimation socks.

Like for example, if you’re targeting the younger population, you can go all out when customizing your bulk. You can use bold color variations, with different patterns and graphics. These socks would be perfect to wear to any party and on other informal occasions.

For adult consumers, who like to stick to formal variations, you can customize your wholesale with simple colors and standard patterns like gingham. Such variety looks formal, but at the same time rank equally well in the styling department.

custom basketball socks-oasissublimation

Knowing a Thing or Two About Shoes

Another easy way to customize your sublimation socks wholesale is to be considerate of the kind of shoes the customers are going to wear it with. For black shoes, simple socks works wonder; but for other informal shoes like canvas, slip on and sneakers, colorful and fancy varieties are more appropriate. Of course this generalization is rather vague and needs more specification.

Targeting Players and Sports Enthusiast

Even though the difference between normal socks and sports socks has, to an extent, bridged over the years, there still lies a blurred line between them nonetheless. The quality of sports sublimation socks is top-notch; and unsurprisingly they cost a bit more. They are made using the finest of fabrics that makes them very soft, warm and cozy. Plus, top manufacturers use dri-fit technology during their processing that make these socks easily breathable with efficient wicking properties.

custom sublimated hockey socks-oasissublimation

So, keep up with this changing industry. Stock new and colorful varieties of sublimation socks or those sports ones like custom hockey socks and meet your customers’ demands easily and sufficiently. Contact a top manufacturer or supplier today.

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