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Soccer fans can enjoy Euro Cup 2016 with wholesale sublimation products and clothes

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  • June 10, 2016

Soccer fans are definitely going to have the best of their times due to the upcoming Euro Cup 2016, be it watching their best teams play or hooting for their favourite players. Seating at the couch and enjoying the matches with friends with soft drinks and popcorn has something very delightful and congenial, and hence, soccer fans never let a chance to show their support their teams and players. But how? Only by sticking to the matches on the screens? What about doing something different this time? Yes, you can flaunt your love and admiration for the teams through your clothes and accessories. Wondering how? The cutting-edge technology of sublimation printing process has evolved out and given way to stunning range of c outfits, bags and shoes, and other products crafted with durable and realistic representations of images and prints.

The leading sublimation products wholesale companies are crafting a lot of items and supplying them to the retail stores, realizing the craze of the upcoming Euro cup which will begin soon, which in turn is enticing the football fanatics quite successfully.

Looking forward to know what these sublimation stuffs are depicting? We will tell you:

The fascinating Euro Cup logo

The white or black, red and blue t-shirts are getting embossed with the colorful Euro cup logo which comes the wonderful and striking combination of blue, red and white shades. Apart from the logo being imprinted, the advanced sublimation procedure also gives way to the letters depicting the “UEFA Euro Cup 2016, France”, with the use of a number of stylistic fonts and eye-catching color combination. Few of the manufacturers are also adding a touch of novelty with the image of a little guy playing soccer, with a wide smile on his face, apart from the logo and the name of the tournament.

Fake Jerseys

The designers are attracting the footfall aficionados, especially the young crowd by constructing jersey like clothes which come with the similar style and design of the original jerseys, with the logo, name of the player, team and the jersey number. These jerseys are definitely pulling the attention of the crowd and people are getting more and more inclined to buy them from the retail stores to jeer for their teams wearing the jerseys

Maps of different countries

To woo the people with their love for their countries which are participating in this tournament, the sublimation manufacturers are also putting their effort to introduce clothes and accessories showcasing the full imagery print of the maps of the nations, be it France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and many more. These outfits look extremely charming, as sublimation process gives way to very realistic image representations with the use of bright and vibrant color combinations.

Hoodies with image 0f the players

The reputed wholesale hoodie designers and manufacturers are stacking up the stocks of the retail stores with wow worthy colorful hoodies in a wide array of designs and styles, with the sublimation prints of the players, in photographic representations, may be with their jersey number, their names and also with the inscription of their famous quotes. These hoodies are banked by the football fans as through them they can boast about their favourite players and pay them tribute. The hoodies come in a medley of colors, so that the images of the players are clearly portrayed.

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