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Sublimated Polo Jerseys Are Much In Trend: Here Are A Few Of The Best Custom Ideas!

  • Oasis Sublimation
  • June 1, 2024

If you are a business owner looking to revamp your stock of sublimated wear for your store, you can get in touch with us to create an all-new customized range of t-shirts and jerseys that combine unique looks and great quality. By creating this range of sublimated wear for your store, not only will you be able to stand out from the rest but also create one-of-a-kind fashion attire for your customers, who will keep coming back for more.

Read on for some of the season’s freshest ideas on how to infuse the sublimated theme into your custom fashion line.

1. Play With Contrasting-colored Hues

Contrast color palettes are timeless in fashion, and for good reason. By combining contrasting colors, you can create visually stunning designs. The pairing of something like black and red, or even navy and orange – creates a look that is aesthetically pleasing while also being flattering to the wearer. When included in sublimation designs, the result is amazing. Consider using a bright color like neon or Ombre against a neutral background like black or pale grey to customize your own sublimated prints.

The monochromatic contrast is like the black and white and still the classics, However, the above-mentioned color options are also in vogue. These contrasting colors create a visual art reflecting individual style choice. Contrast-colored themes work particularly well for sublimated polo t-shirts and jerseys and make the wearer stay in the limelight.

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2. ⁠Go Vibrant With Graphic Prints

Graphic prints are artistic and have the potential to create niche looks. The best part of sublimated graphic printed wear is the possibility to express through hyper personalization of design. Consider using your custom sketches, designs, and doodles to create innovative designs for your customers at scale. This can create t-shirts and jerseys for customers, that have no similar copy in the market.

When it comes to graphic prints, the design possibilities are also virtually limitless – consider cartoon characters, digital or pixelated designs, superheroes, mandala or graffiti artworks, or even psychedelic designs that are absolute winners this season. The retro prints are also back paying homage to the bygone era. What stands out to be more interesting is the minimalist graphic prints like the monogram logo or subtle print overlays in these sublimated jerseys or maybe just clean lines which gives a sophisticated impact.

3. Let Space-inspired Designs Rule The Bosom

Space-inspired designs are dreamy and eye-catching. They can transcend the immediate surroundings and make the wearer exude an unmatched appeal. Designs like starfield backgrounds or astronaut graphics are extremely trendy. For something more abstract, constellation prints or designs that mimic the Aurora Borealis are very cool, while being sophisticated at the same time.

For a more eye-catching effect you can consider customizing a black jersey with a meteor shower design sublimated onto it. The swirling nebulae or planetary motifs are slowly gaining traction. These designs can all be customized to include your brand’s design sensibilities so that the product line is unique and creates its customer pull.

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4. ⁠Going Bold With Logo

There is hardly any fashion personalization hack as powerful as the logo. By incorporating logos, you can not only instantly brand your merchandise but also create a community of followers who can resonate with your brand. A logo that is attractive and stylish not only will put out a strong fashion statement for your customers but also give an identity. Businesses can customize their sublimated jerseys with bold logos and make them unique with ideas such as a team name embossing or the initials of a brand and so on. In the world of customization going bold with any logo is a staple that never runs out of style.

There can be letter marks text-based logos to badge logos which are very much in trend nowadays. One could also go with emblem logos depending on the customer group or the target group the business is catering to.

5. ⁠Abstract Prints Are Big This Season

Abstract prints have become quite a trend in the recent fashion realm. As a dominating trend, abstract prints can claim a huge amount of attention with their larger-than-life appeal. The abstract prints have made the polo sublimated jerseys a fashion staple that can be worn to festive occasions and are ideal for fashion-forward individuals. From bold and blunt shapes to geometric patterns or kaleidoscopic swirls, these abstract prints are topping the fashion charts. Also featuring elements of the op art movement or nature-inspired prints in abstract form, these designs bring a lot of character and an unconventional edge to the otherwise classic and timeless sublimated polo jerseys.

The famous Hollywood celebrity Jared Leto along with many other such stars have been spotted flaunting this avant-garde fashion accessory. For those individuals who like to portray a sense of uniqueness in their apparel choices, these kinds of abstract printed sublimated polo jerseys are ideal wear. With such collections, you can be assured that your customers will keep coming back for more

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6. ⁠Animal Motifs With 3d Effect Never Subside

With the surge of animal prints with 3D effects, sublimated polo jerseys have transcended their appeal to a whole new level of excellence. Boasting vivacious animal motifs with the infusion of 3D effect these prints are not only trending but have come across as exquisitely flaunt-worthy. With the help of the sublimation technique, the animal prints have been blended with a lot of innovation and artistry that elevates the polo jerseys with sophistication as well as a contemporary chic vibe.

The 3D effect adds a unique layer of depth bringing a dynamic factor that makes the digital prints appear life-like. Animal motifs like lions, cheetah prints, eagle motifs, or cute panda prints have been taking the internet by storm. If you restock these trendy prints for your store then customers will keep pouring in.

So, customize your sublimated polo jerseys with 3D motifs, graphic or abstract prints, logos colors and so much more.


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