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Sublimation Clothes and Gloves- Why A New Phenomenon for This Era

  • oasissublimation
  • February 9, 2016

Fashion trends come and go but the one which has become a talking point in today’s date is sublimation printed clothes. From screen celebs to street stompers it has stung everyone like never before. So whether you are a retailer or a sports team head, buying dye sublimated clothing items can benefit you in more than one ways. So here are some basic ideas about this recent fad and its advantages that the team and business owners can have out of this.

Sublimation Clothes- What Makes It Such a Rage in This Genre?

Though the origin of dye sublimation can be traced back to the early 18th century, it is only in the recent years that it has been improved with the advancement of technology. As opposed to screen printing that most often leads to the peeling of images, dye sublimation printing involves the process of making impression of an image over a piece of cloth under controlled heat and pressure. As a result the image imprinted on the cloth allows sufficient air to pass through the fabric, making it last for long. Now since they are hand-made and unique, they work wonders to promote a company’s brand name and logo when shared with the manufacturers while revealing  the owner’s personal taste and style. All of these exciting features make this ever growing trend of wearing dye sublimation clothing pieces widely popular amongst different sections of men, women, children and even athletes.

Sublimation Gloves For Different Purposes

While gloves are essentially meant for warming up the hands on the cold days of winter, its extent has soon spread into the section of sports. Till the last century it were only woollens and cotton that were particularly used for making them, now it is time for welcoming the colorful ranges of sublimated gloves that are commonly constructed of synthetic fibres such as polyester. Baseball, soccer, cricket and cycling are some of the sports where these gloves are being popularly used. For instance the ones in multiple hues and with breathable fabric are great to optimize the level of performance of a sports person.

How It Benefits Sports Team Owners And Other Retail Business Heads?

The best way to survive in the competitive market while promoting your name is to showcase your personal style and the primary motive of your team or company. Many of the wholesale manufacturers are experimenting with different varieties of sublimated gloves and offering the flexibility to customize your products according to your preference as well as share your logo and brand name with them to get them printed on the items that you are buying. So now that you know its benefits, you can contact a repute wholesale sublimated gloves manufacturer and place your order online.

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