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Sublimation Clothing is Popular for a Reason in USA, UK and Aus

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  • November 23, 2015

Dye sublimation is a really simple and popular printing process. For those who have no idea about this new technique used by manufacturers, it is basically a process that makes use of sublimation ink, heat and pressure to create long-lasting, bright prints infused with the fabric as opposed to standing up as in traditional printing techniques. It is considered as the ideal option for sports and other custom clothing. This method can be used on a variety of fabrics as well as hard surfaces and stands out from the rest of the printing techniques due to its superior and sophisticated finish.

Preferred for Sports Clothing

Individuals related to the fields of sports prefer investing in sublimation clothing for the simple reason that it is easy to customize and costs less. As the print becomes one with the fabric, it allows the materials to retain their hi-tech features, such as, the ability to wick off sweat and moisture easily, breathability, heat and temperature regulation and odor-resistance. We all know that athletes and sports persons have to spend most of their time outdoors, which means exposure to harsh rays of the sun for long hours and hence, they need clothes that can withstand all the abuse. Sublimated clothing is known for its durability as the prints do not fade, crack or peel off even after being exposed continuously to the sun or after multiple washes. Players can wear the same jersey multiple times looking stunning every time.

How Can Businesses Benefit?

The trend in marketing today is promotional clothing. Businesses can promote their business and create a favorable brand identity by selling or giving out clothing for free with their name, logo, marketing message and such other things imprinted on them. This means a lot of customization is required to really impress the potential customers and dye sublimation is the perfect solution. Whether you choose to give out sublimation jacket or promotional t-shirts, you would have to partner-up with a renowned manufacturer specializing in designing and manufacturing high-quality sublimated clothing. Manufacturers have cutting-edge facilities at their disposal which can make the entire process seem really simple without you having to shell out a fortune!

Whether you want to just print a name, logo or picture, the novel method of dye sublimation either dye sublimated swimwear or on dye sublimation jersey can really help in realizing all your design dreams. Sublimation clothing is the answer to all your custom requirements. Just locate a manufacturer and wholesaler that can take care of your bulk requirements and you are good to go.

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