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Sublimation Jerseys-The Next Big Thing in The Sports Industry

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  • February 2, 2016

The trend of wearing sublimated clothes have made such a sweeping entry into the clothing industry that from famous celebrities and fashion bloggers, now they have been greatly preferred by athletes of different sports. So if you are a retailer or a sports team owner and want to take this emerging trend to your list or inventory, it is most important to know a few details about this latest fashion. So here’s a quick peek at them.

How does sublimation dye works?

Dye sublimation printing process involves the inking of a desired image on the fabric under controlled heat and pressure that allows moisture or air to pass through. This happens when the dye, placed beside the fabric, such as polyester, gets heated and the molecules of polyester opens up. The dye immediately takes the form of a gas and penetrates the fabric with the polyester molecules trapping the dyes and leaving an indelible image . When the material cools down, it permanently retains the bright color of the dye.

Why sublimation jerseys are great options for sports wears?

In contrast with traditional cad or screen printed active wears, where the film or ink makes it difficult for the air to pass through the fabric, sublimated apparels, made of dri-fit technology, are tailored to provide more functionality as well as sustainability, resulting in the improved performances of the athletes.

  • Moisture-wicking and breathable characteristics

Unlike the regular dye printing that does not allow proper moisture absorbency, the sublimation printing offers sufficient breathability of fabrics as well as great moisture-wicking capability. It soaks up the sweat fast while transferring the trapped heat from the body to the garment, lending a cooling effect. This is the primary reason why many athletes, especially basket ball players, prefer their sublimation basketball jerseys over regular shirts and pants when it comes to delivering high level of performance.

  • Longevity


Many fear that the prints on the t-shirts will get peeled off after repeated washes, but not with sublimation ones. From the rich and refined texture of the fabric to the special breathable quality of the dye, everything is meant to make the clothes durable for a longer period of time.

Those retailers, who are hoping to expand their stock with sublimated fishing jerseys, can also contact a reputed wholesale clothing manufacturer and place their orders for the same in bulk.

  • Designer appeal

Flexible and breathable, the wide range of wholesale  are sure to make you spoilt for choices once you visit the manufacturing hubs of some of the trustworthy wholesalers online. Coming in vibrant colors and prints they make for eye-catching additions to your inventory. So hurry up!

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