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Sublimation: What Is It And Why Buy Sublimated Clothing Pieces?

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  • June 8, 2022

Even though sublimation printing is now a very popular printing technique and sublimated items in the market are very much in demand, there are still many people who ask or wonder ‘’what exactly is sublimation or how sublimation clothing is different from regular clothing pieces?”

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The magical sublimation technique

For those of you who don’t know, the procedure of transferring ink using heat into a particular fabric is called sublimation. Placed on the clothing piece, the graphics and images are printed on a special paper, after which, heat is applied. This process allows the dye to become a part of the fabric. The result is a product that is soft to touch and pretty much comfortable to wear. The most amazing thing about this technique is the images, colors, and prints don’t fade, peel off or come out when you wash them, unlike the regular clothing pieces.

With sublimation, you get full, mind-gripping colors and all-over prints that are exceptionally durable and stay with you for a long period of time. The magic lies in this technology. As designs are pressed directly into the fabric, they automatically become a part of the fabric or your preferred clothing piece. It is very much different than the other processes like embroidery where a particular design is cut and sewn on the surface of the fabric. All the more reason that you don’t need to worry about the print and design or durability is, that the high pressures and temperatures used in sublimation urn the prints into a gaseous form that firmly bonds with the fabric molecules and totally merges with them!

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Benefits of buying sublimated clothing items

As already hinted above, sublimated clothing pieces come with several outstanding benefits, some of which are given below.

  • Great breathability

Sublimation printing never obstructs the airflow or moisture-wicking properties of polyester fabric. It allows the wearer, ultimate breathability.

  • Preservation of colors

Color preservation is great in sublimated pieces because of the way ink penetrates the fabrics, and because of this very reason, a clothing item can last for more than 10 years. As CMYK inks are used by most renowned wholesale sublimation clothing suppliers UK, the colors come out to be very attention-gripping. Unlike your everyday clothing pieces, the colors here never fade or crack, as they are transferred directly into the fabric.

  • Superior comfort

As the ink is not on the surface but is like a part of the fabric, the clothing piece will never feel heavy on you, like you are carrying some burden. Additionally, you won’t experience any sort of sticky feeling, and as a result, greater comfort is assured.

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