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Ultimate Guide To The Color-Popping Innovation Called Sublimation Printing

  • Oasis Sublimation
  • July 31, 2021

Are you mesmerized by the vibrant colors and designs of certain apparel? Wondering how these are printed? Well, let us specify that often such eye-catching and unique print designs are produced through sublimation printing. If you are a business owner excited to win the hearts of your customers through striking sublimation wear, do contact a revered wholesale sublimation shirts manufacturer. Such a manufacturer can help you access quality sublimation clothing of various kinds.

All about sublimation printing

Do you want to know what is sublimation printing actually? Well, it is basically the transfer of an intricate artwork onto a fabric using heat. Here liquid ink is not used unlike ordinary printing methods. This makes it resistant to print cracks which often take place due to contact of ink with stress.

First the selected print design is embossed on a special sublimation paper. Then this paper is placed on fine printing media with the help of which the image is transferred from paper to the garment fiber using heat.  For this, a heat transfer machine is usually used making sure it is compatible with the printing media. And voila! The final product is a striking print on the garment that doesn’t crack or rub off easily.

Why is sublimation printing an in-thing?

Sublimation printing can be applied on a variety of things right from mugs and ceramic tiles to t-shirts, hoodies and other clothes. Sublimation printing is an excellent full-color printing procedure that is reliable and affordable to produce vibrant and colorful outerwear.

Quick, cost-effective and innovative printing

It is a wonderful option to showcase your unique taste through exquisite designs, shades and patterns. What makes sublimation printing a game-changer is the promptness of this printing method without compromising quality. It usually takes about 15 or 30 minutes to complete which is quite fast compared to screen printing. A notable characteristic of sublimated apparels is their remarkable quality. Be it tees, jerseys, socks, sports bras or other sublimation wear, sublimation printing is a trusted option to showcase creativity and innovation. Even if the design is a tricky one, sublimated clothing always exhibits outstanding quality along with its super-exciting, color-popping vibes.

Fade-resistant longevity

A relieving feature of sublimation clothing is its durability. Intricate sublimation designs on fabric do not fade or crack, making this a long-lasting printing option. You can get high-quality sublimated wear at competitive prices in which attractive colors and designs come to life and stay intact.

As a retailer willing to put for sale delightful sublimation wear of exceptional quality, you must get in touch with a reputed sublimation apparel supplier. The mammoth inventory of this manufacturing hub will enable you to access trendy and eye-popping sublimated tanks, sublimation shirts wholesale, swimwear and more.

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