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The Details To Look Out For in Dye Sublimation

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  • September 14, 2018

If you’ve been looking for new types of costumes, swimwear or sports jerseys then there are high chances that you’ve heard of the word dye sublimation. Simply put, sublimation is an embellishment technique that allows you to print colors, designs or logos easily into the fabric. It is one of the popular ways of creating a look that is cool and extraordinary. With the manufacture of new type of clothing like sublimated jerseys, sublimated shirts and sublimated leggings, the retail industry has taken a new turn as the demand for such quirky printed clothing keeps increasing gradually. There are a few ways that dye sublimation can be incorporated into a clothing, that retailers should gave a look at

Ombre is the way

An ombre is a gradient fill of one color that fades to another. It’s a subtle look that adds a little elegance which is very on trend now. This type of printing is very popular when it comes to the costumes of dancing or ice skating because it creates a beautiful and colorfully rich aesthetic.

Create a custom color

Are you looking for a color that you can’t find anywhere else? Or do you want to match your team’s jersey with the official pantone color? Then sublimation is the perfect way of including those colors in your clothes. There are an immense range of colors available for this purpose that you can choose from. From the bodice of a skater dress to a legging for a yoga oriented clothing, you can customize it all.

Customize with prints and patterns

There are tons of patterns available that can be included in the clothes, be it prints or floral patterns. If you want to stick to a separate theme, then chose from the catalog, the type of print that will adhere to your signature vibes of your clothing.

Brand with a logo

Represent your team by adding a custom logo to your team apparel. Currently oversized logos are making huge headlines. Therefore, you can also include such styles in your jersey by custom printing your brands design logo into specific clothing like jerseys, t-shirts or jackets.

Create a custom all over design

Create unique style lines and designs for your brands custom clothing. It can be anything from girly butterfly prints to a graphic prints and machine designs. Make sure that the designs express the concept and ethos of your brand which is important given the fact that you want your clothing offerings to stand out from the rest.

There are no limitations to what designs you can integrate in your clothing if it makes the customers happy and helps you to earn a reasonable profit margin. To bulk order sublimated clothing from one of the best manufacturers get in touch with the help team and state the MOQ of the products required.

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