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The Future of Apparel is Here – Sublimation Clothing

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  • February 20, 2018

For athletic directors and fitness enthusiasts, apparel is a constant source of frustration. Rigorous and continued use of clothes become subject to constant wear and tear and it costs team owners and fitness club owners thousands of dollars to keep renewing jerseys and fitness apparel while they are already on a tight budget. A lot of clothing manufacturing companies is of the opinion that they might have stumbled upon a solution that saves money and makes clothing last longer – sublimation.

Turning to Sublimation is a Great Choice


More and more athletic and fitness programs are turning to sublimated clothing in the present times for the simple reason that this printing process results in the creation of better and durable clothing. Also, this dying process inks logos, numbers, names and other images directly into the fabric without compromising the properties of the material. Schools as well as sports and fitness enthusiasts are finding this novel technique ideal as the prints do not easily peel, fade or crack even after multiple washes or continued exposure to the harsh rays of the sun.

Design Opportunities are Unlimited


When it comes to dye-sublimation, one can literally go crazy with designs, colors and prints. This process makes it possible to fill every square inch of a garment and without any extra or added cost. When the priority is branding along with designing clothes that look outrageously stylish, this printing technique is by far the best. Sublimation t shirts seems to be a huge rage not only among fitness and sports freaks but it has also extended to the general lovers of fashion and manufacturers have also started creating a whole new range of sublimation clothing from dresses to pants and even socks.

Versatility – One of its Most Attractive Features


Versatility is one of the most attractive aspects of dye-sublimation embellishments. Of course it works fabulously with garment decoration but it also works wonders in decorating all other kinds of promotional items such as mugs, pens, etc. This innovative technology allows one to print anything, from a small print to full-color photographs and more. The diversity of items that can be created from this printing technique is probably its biggest selling point.

The best thing about sublimation is that it is what you make of it. This technology promises to change the face of fashion, fitness and sports clothing industry along with creating wonderful marketing opportunities for business owners. Get in touch with renowned and leading manufacturers and suppliers of sublimated clothing and accessories to understand your options better.

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