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The Technicality Behind The Art Of Sublimation Printing

  • oasissublimation
  • September 22, 2020

No, it’s not an aquatic warship or on-screen interpretation that lets you comprehend a foreign film; it’s a high-tech printing device used mainly for printing on order clothing. We’re going to take it up today — we’re going to explore what it is, how it functions, etc.

What Is The Sublimation?

Let’s begin with the wide strokes. What is sublimation clothing wholesale, exactly?

In simplistic words, it is a process of printing that transforms a pattern into a substrate or a cloth using heat and ink.
In the world of fabric, it’s a show stopper that makes the printing of entire clothes — designs that just go seam-to-seam.

The Printing Method Of Sublimation

Then how is sublimation working? Well, sublimation printing involves heating to bring fabric and ink together as one.

Next, a template is drawn on a special sheet of paper. When put under pressure, the inks that are used turn into steam, then mix with the cloth and eventually print on the fabric. Effects are lasting and not susceptible to fade, since the ink is deposited in the material or base, rather than merely lying on top of it like a regular print.

The method is much like a tattoo, except it’s for your preferred substance instead of your body. The heat opens up the pores of the material, then cools the ink with the pressure applied and returns to the stable state.

The effect is a clear, full-color image that does not break, scratch, or wash away from the substrate. The method helps the ink to shift from solid to a gas without converting to liquid, a little like dry ice. The transformation is triggered by heat and is regulated by pressure.

This fast and efficient digital printing process is becoming increasingly common for smaller portion orders and designs that focus on specifics. Sublimation printing is also recognized as ‘all over printing’ because it helps you to select a style that will go from seam to seam.

While most popular for printing on-demand t-shirts, the process is also possible for metals, wood, and ceramic, etc., which have a special coating from which to produce sublimation inks.

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