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Why is the Sublimation Printing Process Preferable in the Apparel Market?

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  • March 21, 2022

Sublimation dye printing is a form of printing that includes transporting artwork from a high-release paper to a piece of fabric. Pressure and heat are used to transfer the artwork to the cloth. Heat and pressure convert the ink to a gaseous state (sublimation), where it becomes embedded in the fibers of the garment.

In contrast to heat transfer printing, the sublimation dye method embeds the ink into the fibers, providing exceptional durability without the rubbery feel of heat transfer.

Since the ink is merged into the garment fabric, the printed region has the same feel and looks like the rest of the garment. The features of the sublimation technique also allow for the printing of vibrant colors and patterns.

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Sadly, sublimation cannot be utilized on cotton-based shirts and clothing. Mini mesh, microfiber interlock, and microfiber eyelets are all appropriate clothing fabrics.

Sublimation dye printing is suitable for a wide range of clothing, including Muslimah, singlets, polo tees, v-neck t-shirts, and round neck t-shirts.

What is the Process of Sublimation?

Sublimation is defined as “the transition from a solid to a gaseous state.” The dye sublimation printing method turns ink into a gaseous material that is infused with the fibers of a garment.

Sublimation printing necessitates advanced printing equipment capable of correctly measuring and applying gaseous ink. These printing machines are only used for sublimation printing. The gaseous ink is injected into the material of a garment and allowed to cool.

Cooling temperatures turn the gaseous ink back into a solid, and the fiber takes on the color of the ink. The dyed fiber retains the majority of its original qualities.

Sublimation printing does not leave a rubbery or harsh behind. An article of printed clothing will have a smooth and natural feel to it.

The Benefits of Dye Sublimation Printing

Although dye sublimation printing is a good choice for many printing jobs, it does not perform well with cotton-based garments. The reason behind this is that sublimation employs heat to transform printing ink into a gaseous state, which is subsequently absorbed into the garment fibers. The transmission of ink onto a substrate takes place at the molecular level, and the molecular structure of cotton deters the ink molecules.

Reasons to Choose Sublimated Polo Shirts

Color sublimation is a newer printing process that employs heat to fuse the dye into the white fabric. Unlike screen printing or ink jet, where the dye is simply applied to the cloth, dye sublimation involves the ink being fused into the fabric. There are several advantages to utilizing sublimated polo shirts.

Branding: Sublimated polo shirts are a low-cost, high-impact branding medium. The sublimation method offers an article of high-quality clothing with long-lasting colors that can withstand the hard treatment of the student while still providing you with a distinctive identity.

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Durability: Because the color utilized in the sublimation technique is a dye rather than ink, it will endure; it will not fade after only a few washes. Dye sublimation is a method of printing that uses a dye to permeate the fibers of a garment. Screen printing and ink jet, on the other hand, employ ink that lies on the surface of the fabric. As a result of the nature of the method, screen printing and ink jet will fade.

Quality: Sublimation offers a high-quality finish that neither ink jet nor screen printing can match. The sublimation technique produces a crisp, succinct print of the design, resulting in an image that is clear, apparent, and easily legible. Because the technique necessitates the use of high-quality fabric, all sublimated clothing is guaranteed to be of high-quality manufacturing.

Color: Because of the specialist dyes and the unique sublimation technique, more vibrant colors are possible. This method also enables customizable designs with color combinations that reflect your school’s image. Sublimated polo shirts are ideal for creating an easily identifiable school image or a design for each schoolhouse.

Are There any Drawbacks to Sublimation that you Should be Aware of?

The fact that sublimated apparel may only be used with polyester materials is one of the few constraints to be aware of. This is because of the way the gas is transferred into the polyester fibers — dye-sub will just not connect to cotton.

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However, if you prefer the feel of cotton to that of polyester, we offer a ‘cotton feel’ polyester that is quite comparable to conventional T-shirt fabric. You wouldn’t be able to identify the difference based only on ‘feel.’ We defy you to make a comparison!

We are convinced that sublimation is the future of garment printing, easily exceeding both screen printing and embroidery.

As a result, when it comes to printing any type of high-quality, durable, personalized clothes or uniforms for your business or athletic team, manufacturers always choose for sublimation.

Business owners, if you want to impress your customers with amazing customized clothing, then get in touch with sublimation polo shirts suppliers right away.

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