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Ways to Incorporate That Oversized Flannel Shirt This New Year

  • oasissublimation
  • February 12, 2020

Vintage flannel shirts are back and the millennials are all for it. When we talk about soft and comfortable clothing, our mind straight up lands on shirts. It’s your friend for all the season. During summer it can go solo, come autumn you’re already throwing it over a plain t-shirt and making a fashion statement of your own. Again in winter, putting on a jacket with the zipper down makes it look even cooler. Shirts have a tendency to add sharpness to our look and we are all for it.

Flannel shirts are not just restricted to men’s wardrobe now. Women have adopted the oversized flannel shirts like their favorite pair of jeans. It makes their body feel airy and also look chic plus smart at the same time. On the bright side, anyone can pull off this look and almost nothing can go wrong with it. Fashion-conscious individuals have already come up with looks incorporating the oversized flannels which have garnered the tag of a “high-end choice”. To have a comfy experience throughout one must consider the fabric before purchasing it. Make sure that the shirt doesn’t lose color after a couple of washes. The vintage flannel shirts are also having their fashion moments now.

Let’s take a look at the ways to don the oversized flannel

Pair It With Denim

This winter season you can throw on a denim jacket on your shirt and change the whole look of it. It saves you from all those itchy feel against your skin and brings you the comfort you have been missing out on. Contrast the color of your jacket to your shirt and you are good to go.

Your Tights and Shorts Just Got a New Best Friend

When the weather is neither too cold to put your overalls on or nor too hot to rock your tanks, you can always fall back on the combination of oversized flannel with your favorite pair of shorts and tights.

Let it Hang Around Your Waist

Regular jeans and t-shirt attire gets a pop of color when you casually tie an oversized flannel shirt around your waist. Once you dive into it there’s no going back. This becomes your go-to look for anything, from classes to running errands.Pro tip: When it gets chilly in the night, you can use it as a light jacket too! No need to carry anything extra to put on.

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