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3 Clothing apparels that steal the show with sublimation dye!

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  • April 9, 2019

Retailers always have to think of innovation and adding new things to their store, if they want the business to run at its peak. This means adding new sections and broadening the scope of sale, by adding a new set of audience to their list.

If you are one looking for similar prospects to grow your business, then sublimated clothing is a pretty good idea. Now, you might think to yourself that what it is about this form of apparel dye that has made it into a separate genre.

To illustrate that and also give you ideas of what kind of sublimated apparel works, we have brought our top picks. All you need to do is get in touch with a manufacturer and make your bulk orders. For now, let us take a look:

1.Superhero uniform tees

Nothing looks better because of sublimation than superhero tees and it definitely deserves the top spot in this case. Whether your customers pick DC or Marvel, it does not matter – they can have the abs and muscles along with the superhero emblem sublimation dyed to the tee.

It looks pretty realistic and makes for a great market in the retail tee industry. Especially today with all the superhero fever today, there is plenty of people looking to get their favorite tees.

So, get this in your collection today, and make a difference to your sales!

2.Yoga floral leggings

Bringing out the real color of flowers like lillies, violets, and roses is no easy job – the only thing that can create a rendition beyond what normal prints do is sublimation. Yoga floral leggings also have a huge existing market as well.

For starters, floral designs are well appreciated by yoga classes and the discipline in general because of the positivity it spreads. Bringing in different floral designs with light pastel shades will also create an interesting extra dimension to your overall fitness collection.

So, do not miss out on a bulk order of sublimated floral leggings today – because that might change your sales for the better!

3.Crystallized design t shirts

The color crystallized design has been one of the forerunners in the department of sublimated t shirt collections and brings in a lot of options for you as a retailer.

It basically follows a design template that makes the colors look like they are crystallizing and often change to darker of lighter shades.

Crystallized designs are often done it geometric shades like diamond shapes, squares, or rectangles, all of which make the transition fun and exciting to look at.

These are the 3 clothing apparels that look amazing when manufactured with sublimation dye and followed with these designs. Get in touch with your sublimation clothing manufacturers and order for more!

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