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Everything You Need To Know About The Production Of Sublimated Socks

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  • March 20, 2021

At present, dye sublimation printing socks might be the most common socks processing methods. Since a conventional sock knitting procedure is abandoned and color limitation is got ridden of, any vibrant design can be applied to socks. In a shorter swivel phase, any images can be imprinted directly, and the comfort and elasticity of socks can be retained at the same, all these perks make this technology very appealing.

The dye sublimation technology had come out in 1975 but had been applied to socks production since recent times.

At first, print the patterns on a high-heel paper by using an exclusive dye and then compress the paper and blank sublimation socks compactly to apply high pressure and high temp on them. This way, the hard pigment will be redirected into gas molecules right away, and these gas molecules will adhere to the bonded polyester and other synthetic fibers instantly and be set on them. In the end, the shades will be transferred to the socks.

Sublimation socks printers are normal inkjet printers with unique dyes.

Unlike direct digital printing which requires an even surface, dye sublimation printing requires a medium to carry the pigment rather than printing on the socks right away.


Less sewage will be produced and friendlier to the surrounding as the pigment is sublimated via the medium.

As it uses printing technology, it can be promptly produced and copied.

The production procedure is basic, just solid socks are required as a canvas.

Comfort will not be impacted.

High color imitation.

The pattern will not come off as effortlessly as offset printing.

Any design and shade can be imprinted on the socks.


Patterns cannot be imprinted on dark or black socks as they will be filled with a black hue.

After high temp, socks will lose some elasticity.

The look of white creases cannot be ignored at the junction of the backside and front, it is particularly clean on dark socks.

The patterns will be stretched after the socks are put on the feet which makes the white background shade be revealed.

The sublimated gas pigment will disperse as the absorbency of cotton is extremely strong, which will make the patterns printed unclear. Thus, patterns cannot be imprinted on socks with a high cotton content.

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