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How Sublimation Is Beneficial For Apparel

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  • July 7, 2022

Sublimation is the word that can be heard everywhere these days. This exceptional printing technique is such a high-tech printing method, which can not only be used in metal items and ceramics but can also be used for making unusual, durable apparel as well. This method can be easily used for crafting extraordinary tees, shorts, jackets, hoodies, vests, and more. The dye sublimation method is used by manufacturers to give their customers a cost-effective and easy option to decorate their clothing items.

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About the unique sublimation printing

Sublimation is a technique that smoothly imprints an image into a clothing piece. For various reasons, it is considered to be a wonderful option to print on fabrics.

In order to change the ink into a gas, sublimation instantly heats the ink to 200 degrees C. Next, this ink is pressed against the fabric, which is to be printed, where it turns into a solid-state immediately and blends with the fibers. In screen printing, the ink is applied on the surface level of the fabric only and is heated to the point it gets stuck to the fabric, whereas, in sublimation, to get a much more long-lasting and permanent result, the sublimated ink becomes a part of the materials. The reliable sublimation clothing manufacturers make use of high-tech printers and specialized ink to bring great apparel collections.

Advantages that sublimation offers

Now, you must have heard about or seen the results of screen printing. When this technique is used, the clothing pieces start showing cracks in the designs after a certain period of time. They look worn out like they have been used for a long period of time and the prints start coming off.

Opting for sublimation, you bid adieu to most of the disadvantages that you would have faced using the traditional printing methods. As mentioned earlier, the ink here becomes a part of the fabric and thus the design lasts as long as the clothing item does.

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Another most noteworthy benefit of choosing sublimation is the freedom that it offers. The conventional techniques more than often are found to stretch and blur the clothing design. You can add the images or the print to the whole clothing piece at once, in case of dye sublimation, and like this, you get a clean, crisp design every time you go for them!

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