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Interesting Facts About Sublimating Socks!

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  • May 28, 2020

The process of designing socks through sublimation involves a lot of steps. The steps are worth thinking about, exploring,contemplating. So in this piece of writing, we will tell you a few things you never knew about designing sublimation socks wholesale.

Theres A Balance To Achieve

Even though the knitted medium permits flexibility in color and patterns, there are restrictions and a balance that must beachieved. The more detailed and complex the patterns are, the lesser shades you can use, while a plain patterncan feature more shades. An excessively complex design can result in regions with missed stitches or result in tears in the yarn, which both impact the whole quality and look of the sock.

The Heel Break Might Be Complicated

A sock is mostly a tube with a bit section where the pattern halts and has a heel added in. To ensure that a design part doesn’tout of the blue overlap the heel, the manufacturer has to regulate the pattern around the heel break. A properly-designed sock will have an unnoticeable and subtle heel break with an outwardly uninterrupted pattern.

Those Blurry Inside Elements Matter

If you have worn any number of designed socks, you might have observed that some socks feel tighter and thicker, whilst others feel stretchier and thinner. Turn your designed sock inside-out and you will observe the blurry cut yarn ends on the inside. Heavily designed socks have more yarn ends, which would justify why those styles are usually a bit thicker and less stretchy than a plain sock.

The Stretch Struggle Is Hard

Any design can fast become distorted once socks are on a foot, because of how stretch impacts the design. Those cute cat socks all of a sudden look like hot dog socks and let’s be real, no one wants hot dog cat socks. If designs aren’t made for the stretch, the proportions of a pattern can get off-balance, resulting in a less than desirable outcome. There is no precise science to it, this is one of those pattern considerations that gets simpler to judge with experience.

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