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Know More About Sublimation Printing: A Recent Craze

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  • March 16, 2016

Creating a stir in the global fashion scene, the dye sublimation printing process has opened endless possibilities not only for the clothing manufacturers, but also to all the fashion-forward men and women, who can now jazz up their normal plain clothes into something interesting and funky. When it comes to incorporating newfangled designs, there is no limit to the scope of imaginations which one can use to  re4nder a touch of novelty and freshness to any outfit. Also, with promotional clothing taking the marketing world by a storm  for being so cheap and effective, the wholesale sublimation printing  companies are giving way to peppy and appealing customized clothing to advertise a company  or industry effortlessly.

What Is Dye-Sublimation Printing?

One of the innovations of this technologically advanced world, dye-sublimation printing process  involves a type of digital mechanism, through which artworks , colors and prints are transferred on a medium through dye using heat. From those mediums,  the dyes are printed on to materials and garments using heat and pressure. Thus, it is quite versatile, promising awe-inspiring designs on any consumer good crafted by the leading sublimation products wholesale companies.

Which Fabrics Can Be Used?

When it comes to clothing, sublimation works best on pure polyester, or something in polyester blend. Mainly this printing is good for any surface where polymeric treatment can be successful. The range of fabrics with polymeric cellular structure also include acrylic, nylon spandex, but natural fibers fail to receive the  advantages which dye-sublimation offers.

Benefits Of Sublimation Printing:

With dye sublimation clothing  becoming a huge craze, there are few who are not clearly acquainted with the benefits of this. We will get you covered with them, so that even you cannot run away from this mind boggling innovation:

1. Full Colors

This is one of the printing methods, which enables to print full colored images on hard or polymeric fabrics easily.

2. Rich Designs

The most important advantage of sublimation printing is that, this process can help one with a large number of unlimited prints and patterns, in a rich variation and mixture of colors. Thousands of shades and hues can be produced, due to the use of heat and pressure, the tones get easily blended onto one another creating photographic quality patterns and motifs easily.

3. Long Lasting

Sublimation printing being a digital method offers durable and long lasting colors on to the fabric, and even after days and months there isn’t any cracking off of the prints easily.

4. Washable

The collection of sublimation wear will never fade on washing them again and again, and hence this printing process is great in retaining the colors, and thus, unlike other printed outfits, they do not fade.

5. Moisture Resistant

Because of the absence of any ink-build up, this printing procedure offers moisture and sweat wicking facilities to the outfits, keeping the wearer cool, dry and fresh all throughout.

6. Convenient

If you select any sublimation supplier for bulk purchase of sublimation clothes, then dread not because this is a very quick and fast process, without wasting too much time. Thanks to digitalization! Also, sublimation printing is quite cheap and affordable compared to other methods like screen printing.

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