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Sublimated Swimsuit Trends You Can Invest in This Year

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  • April 19, 2019

Summers are all about the fun tropical gateway and the impromptu walk by the beach. You adorn the best swimsuit that complements your rich caramel complexion and lounge under the warm heat of the sun. The seagulls fly by the napalm sky and the saline flavor of the air reminds you of the candies you savored in your school summer breaks.

Sometimes you go to outfit for the summer turns out to be the colorful and comfortable swimwear you invested in. Hence owing to the increased demand for the trendy swimsuits, popular sublimated clothing manufacturers have come up with an extensive collection you can have a look at. Thus, read on to know more about the various sublimated swimsuits styles that are worth the bulk purchase this season.

Earthy red with speckled black ink

Since earth colors are super trendy this season , you can invest in swimsuit which is earthy red with speckled ink design. This color will definitely complement your tanning complexion. Not only this, the off shoulder monokini works well as a bodysuit as well if paired with a high -waisted mom jeans or acid wash denim shorts.

Metallic stripes

If you love to sport anything that is metallic and shines bright against the reflection of the sun, then the metallic stripes bikini is the perfect option for you. These are available in the form of metallic and solid tone stripes as well as fun prints. Thus, opt for a glitchy floral by selecting a silver metal and pink floral stripped design swimwear. There’s always room to experiment with your style, even in case of bikinis.

Animal print

Although the animal print bikini is not something that is unconventional, you can still wear the wild design with panache by selecting a print on print style . Thus, combine the leopard and tiger print to create a palette that will make the crowd stare in your direction. Hence opt for a bikini with a leopard print top and a tiger motif high-waisted pants.

Vintage florals

Vintage florals also known as the couch florals wash made popular back in 2017. But women are still loving this sophisticated feminine print. No wonder manufacturers are creating sublimated swimsuits in such designs to cater to the young crowd. These are available both in colorful as well as black & white versions. Thus, you can either opt for the retro monokini style in this print or a modern bikini.

Fruit delight

Shifting onto the fun part of wearing bikinis , there are certain prints that’ll remind you of the tropical fruits. Hence you can browse through various designs of watermelon, orange, kiwi and even pineapple. These are mostly printed against a solid colored background. Hence opt for a cheery white or a laidback black.

Lace accents

If you love to adorn something fun and flirty for the gym, then opt for an ombre printed bikini with a lace trimmed design. You can also swap the bikini shorts for a denim pant or even a skirt for those days when you want to discover the local delicacies around the town.

Retailers who want to include trendy sublimation clothing in their store can get in touch with one of the popular manufacturers. All you need to do is browse through the unique range of clothing that the supplier has in store. After selecting the required pieces state the bulk needs to the customer care team.

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