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The Nuances of Churning out Sublimated Socks for Your Lacrosse Team

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  • April 14, 2016

When you own a sports team, apart from the proper management , it is also your utmost duty to ensure that the players are feeling comfortable and motivated in every match. The only solution to this is the selection of proper garments and accessories which will easily vouch for their convenience and comfort. Also, they should not just be good in looks with eye-catching colors, but also should be appealing enough in terms of designs and styles to reflect a new and fresh approach. Realizing the importance of functionality and good looks, the wholesale manufacturers have introduced the newest and premium trend of sublimated clothing which involves the usage of digital printing method resulting in high-end designs.

Apart from the usual sports garments and jerseys, you can be different this time with gifting your lacrosse tem with newfangled array of custom lacrosse socks, which will not just have your team logo, but also will score high on factors of comfort and utility.

Now , to help your affair of ordering these sublimated socks , we will guide you with the most important features and benefits of these sublimated stuffs:

Full colored images

The main benefit of sublimated socks would be the freedom of printing full colored images on to the socks, and hence you will get the scope to experiment with a lot of designs and color options worthy enough to create jaw-dropping effect. Be it photographic representations or any definite motifs, this advanced technology makes use of the most to help you with the trendiest prints and patterns through the use of full color spectrum.

It is a quick process

Due to the use of digital technology , sublimation is a quick process , and hence, even if you are on some urgent requirement, the sublimated clothing manufacturers and designers will deliver the bulk socks timely.

Better scope of customization

This printing method allows the consumers to fulfill their needs of customization with the help of a range of options and they have more scope to choose from the newfangled array of customization designs, be it the logo embossment, imprinting prints and motifs or giving way to one-liners and quotes and changing elements like names , numbers and others.

Durable and high quality

Apart from photographs, prints and patterns sublimating well, also sublimated products are very long lasting in the way that the end results are water proof and resists any scratch and distortion. The rich and vibrant colors will not fade away easily and hence, even with washing regularly and using every day, they will not get damaged.

The materials which can be used to make sublimated socks for your lacrosse team:

  • Acrylic

One of the synthetic fibers, acrylic is lightweight and durable and goes well with the advanced sublimation printing technology. With moisture wicking ability, they are high on comfort for your players.

  • Coolmax

A type of polyester fabric, it has higher moisture resisting feature and can easily keep the feet dry while playing.

  • Nylon

Durable and versatile, this synthetic polymer not only s made up of dry fit technology but also retains its shape well after every usage and can be blended with other materials for extended strength.

  • Lycra

Flexible and elastic, lycra will be good to hold the prints and colors and also is light and comfy to wear.

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