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Exploring The Difference Between Sublimation Printing And Screen Printing

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  • April 30, 2021

Apart from their names, the main difference between these two processes is that they involve the application of captivating impressions onto fabric using two separate methods. As a retailer if you feel inspired to stock up your store with fascinating sublimated clothing, get in touch with a high-rated wholesale dye sublimation wear manufacturer immediately.

Understanding sublimation printing

Also known as dye-sublimation, this printing method is a kind of digital printing. Using digital processes, this specialized printing allows the ink to seep into the fabric first and then the ink permeates itself into the fabric slowly. Here, the design is first created and then is applied onto the fabric through heat transfer.

Understanding screen printing

Mostly applied on fabric and paper, screen printing includes the transfer of a stencilled design onto a flat surface. In screen printing, each design needs to be in a specific set-up. To transfer the stencilled design, a mesh screen, ink and a squeegee are to be taken. First of all, you have to create the mesh screen. Then you have to design the screen and finally, the imprint of the design is applied on the surface.

Sublimation printing – the ultimate choice for detailed printing, color retention and affordability

Sublimation printing will satisfy you if detailed printing is what you are looking for. In sublimation printing, high image quality printing is easily carried out. Screen printing provides sharp edges but detailed printing does not take place.

If you opt for screen printing, you will notice that as the color sits on the surface, there is a major chance of fading after using the apparel for some time. But in sublimation printing, the color is penetrated into the fibre. Thus, it stays onto the fibre for a longer time, keeping it fade-resistant and dazzling.
The set-up for screen printing costs much higher than other processes. But if you want to bulk order high-quality apparels at an affordable price, sublimation printing is a wonderful printing choice to produce vibrant and color-popping clothes.

If you are a retailer wondering how to buy directly from manufacturer, learn from a reliable source the details of bulk purchase steps. To add color and splendor to your retail store, connect with the best sublimation clothing supplier, whose praiseworthy catalog includes sublimated tees, polo shirts, sublimation leggings and other striking sublimated clothing.

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