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Four Best Sublimated Color Combinations on T-Shirts

  • Oasis Sublimation
  • November 26, 2021

Want to feel like glowing in the dark? Get neon sublimated garments. Or do you want to have abs like that of superman? Or else, do you want an abstract dye-design to get that artistic feel? Well, dye sublimation also allows for a series of colorful, monotonous and contrasting attire.

Sublimated clothing has brought about a wide range of designs to choose your wardrobe jewels from. Starting from abstracts to full cover dying patterns, etc., everything seemed to be unique on its own. Colors have the capability of soothing our eyes and disturbing our eyes at the same time in the same intensity. Hence, dye sublimation is one of the best technological achievements of the apparel industry.  Dye sublimation clothing is one of main industries currently; hence there are more opportunities of designs to check out for you. Read on to this blog more to find out about times the best place and nothing else!

Let’s talk colors

Choosing your attire with the right color is important. Colors not just establish the mood of the person, but also sets the tone of a situation. Wondering how so? Let’s see.

Black and white – The all-time classic is suitable for almost all occasions. But these work the best when you don’t have time to waste your precious time on petty matters. Take control, own the contrast. Change the narrative and grow into what you really want to be. Black and white will always be the guardian angels.

Blue and grey – Navy Blue and a silver-tinged gray works wonders upon polyester t-shirts. Sublimation allows for dying t-shirts, be it mixing hues or putting columns of different colors. Blue and grey provide you with that magnificent and dignified look which is unable to turn from.

Pink and violet – Women’s favorite, well, mostly- are these two colors. Please do you worry much, pink and violet have made it to the top list in women’s clothing. Unisex garments calls for unisex approach towards fashion industry. Hence, mostly, the designs can be worn by all irrespective of gender and orientation.

Yellow and orange – It may sound very bright, but hey, we can always mellow down the tones. The two shades work amazingly when placed together. Wear this color combination in stripes or hues or faded designs, they are sure to make someone smile with happiness!

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