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New Trends In Sublimation Beachwear That You Must Get This Summer

  • oasissublimation
  • April 18, 2018

Summer is here and so are new trends in sublimation beachwear; for people who like to rock a beach party like nothing else, sublimation wear is the shizz. Among the best of sublimated clothing, these trends are for everybody who want to have a good time in the sun. Sublimation trends bring new color, designs, and apparels in the market and if you like your drink and mojito, you shouldn’t be the one to miss it. Here’s a look –

Monokini Sublimated Swimwear

If the bikini is too mainstream for you, then the monokini will definitely be something new and trendy that you might love. This swimwear is all about showing less and creating more of an enigma with the bust cloth and loin cloth joined together in a stylish midriff design. Sounds fascinating right? Now imagine the sublimated geometric or abstract pattern printed on it and you will understand why this trend is meant for the most chic women on the sand and ocean. Stop conforming to the regular and same old beachwear – be better than the rest.

Sublimated Shorts For Men And Women

This one is all about the length, because sublimated designs come in both. Boys’ shorts for the beach generally come in knee length where as women wear it a little shorter to flaunt those toned legs. The sublimated designs on these apparels make it look a lot trendier than regular shorts and surely resonates with the chill and excitingly colorful vibe of the beach. Sublimated shorts are also extremely comfortable and light on the skin; in fact, it has quick dry properties in case you went for a dip in the ocean and come out like a movie star or rock god!

Sublimated Sandals

Sublimation has taken the beach vibe a bit further than it has ever been taken by any other method of printing with sandals which are truly the best. The better ones come as slip-on while the more generic variants are designed the Hawaiian way. With prints of space, stars, sands, and coconut trees, this is one of the most exciting beach trend right now. One could pair it with all types of t shirts and shorts and take a stroll on the beach in the morning to get a little bit of sand it between their toes.

Sublimated Beach Towels

Towels were always a necessity in the beach, but sublimation prints made it exciting from the dull monochromes that have been doing the rounds for so many years now. They have exciting designs; from super heroes to other cute and attractive representations and come with super quick dry properties that make it the perfect companion for the beach. Don’t make your backless tanning sessions look weak with regular towels.

All of these 4 sublimated beachwear trends are hot on this summer market right now and following them is definitely going to give you some fashion brownie points. So, why wait when you can be on the beach, turning heads with your summer body and the trendiest beach clothing this year? Jump in, have fun, and make an impression on people that will be hard to forget, no matter who they are or where they are from!


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