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Sublimation Printing: A Great Trend For Fashion And Business In The T-Shirt Industry

  • oasissublimation
  • August 24, 2016

A new trend in customized apparel is creating quite a lot of stir and excitement in the booming multi-billion dollar t-shirt industry. With the continuous upward graph in the improvement of digital printing technology, graphic designers, artists, and even photographers are pushing themselves to come up with vivid. Also unique and interesting work, not just on paper but on clothing fabrics as well.

For quite some time, improvements of printing technology on fabric has been fairly static and not really that impressive. But over the past couple of years, digital printing technology has been steadily improving and the entire world is transfixed and at awe with the capabilities of the enhanced printing techniques. One such advancement that truly stands out and has got the global t-shirt market under its spell is the dye-sublimation printing technique. Sublimation clothing has single-handedly ushered in a brand new trend of not just printing images in superior resolution but allowing for designers and manufacturers to print on the entire surface of a t-shirt.

Dye-sublimation Provides Unbelievable Printing Results

If the entire fashion and clothing industry is going gaga over this trend, which by the way is still in its infancy, there of course has to be a reason! From high-end global fashion houses to the fashion lovers, sublimation seems to be the only thing on their mind. And why not? Sublimation truly is an awesome printing technique, unbelievable in terms of vibrancy of color and style. Industry experts are sitting up and taking notice of this trend and the whole world is interested in seeing where it goes!

Sublimated Tees Are the New Thang!

Believe it or not, sublimation t-shirts are a huge craze among men and women of all ages. The tees feature such clear and crisp prints of everything and anything – from superheroes, nature, landscape, psychedelic and goth prints to utter ridiculously splashed all over the tee. Looking at the wide acceptance of sublimated tees, designers and manufacturers have even extended it to dresses, shirts, pants and outerwear. To top it all, this technique rids one of all design limitations experienced with other printing methods.

If you still have not jumped the bandwagon of sublimation t-shirts, it is strongly suggested that you do. This trend is only going to get better with time because you can print anything that you like, think or wish! Stock up on the latest and hottest designs or maybe go ahead and start your own sublimation clothing line. Just get in touch with a popular manufacturer to discuss your options!


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