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The latest craze of sublimated jerseys: We will tell you why

  • oasissublimation
  • March 18, 2016

Not just the fashion-forward crowd, but even the athletes and sport personalities too are preferring to wear sublimated uniforms while playing or during rigorous practice sessions. It seems, this printing technology has become a blessing to the global fashion scene , with a wide array of opportunities being offered quite effectively at cheap price rates. A player’s performance just doesn’t depend on his talent and skills, but also, the kind of jersey or uniform   he is wearing which helps him to build confidence and motivation all throughout with a feel good factor. Be it sublimated fishing jerseys or sublimated cricket shirts or uniforms for any other team, the management must go for sublimated outfits for a number of reasons. Here is a peak into their benefits:

  • Unending galore of design options

    Be it a sublimation soccer jersey or a football jersey, you will the manufactures will render you a pool of options to choose from while deciding on the designs. Due to the cutting-edge technology of sublimation printing, outfits get innumerable choices of graphic patterns and a splash of plush colors, worthy of offering rich and exotic stance to the jerseys. From simple shapes, to color blends, photographic images, shades, color blocking and many more, design options are literally unlimited and countless. This definitely increases the chances of producing smart and appealing sports team jerseys.

  • Washable

    The sports uniform or sublimated jerseys produced through sublimation technique, are completely machine washable and even after regular usage, the athletes can wash them in short time intervals without worrying about the quality or design getting distorted.

    Custom jersey
    Sublimation Soccer Jersey
  • Cheaper

    This must be quite surprising , but is the ultimate truth. The cost of sublimation clothing are low, because they do not have extra investment like traditionally printed garments which costs incurred on embroidery, screen printing, numbering and many more.   Thus, pocket friendly, this printing process will get you good value for the money spent too.

  • Long lasting

    The color produced on the sports garments and jerseys are produced digitally through heat and pressure, and hence there is a complete assurance of longevity of the designs. The colors do not fade easily even after rough usage as the heat pressed printing doesn’t crack or peal easily.

    custom teamwear
    Sublimated Teamwear Jacket
  • Comfortable fabric

    The sublimated jerseys are mainly made of polyester material and hence they are lightweight , durable and comfortable. Due to the eliminations of sewing or threading , these jerseys offers ample body movement and flexibility.

  • Enhances performance

    These specially printed jerseys are mainly constructed with fabric which are made of dry fit technology , and has amazing moisture and sweat wicking facilities , keeping the players dry, cool and fresh all throughout.

  • Perfect numbering

    Apart from the possibility of any design and color combination, sublimation printing also fulfils the importance of embossing numbers and logos quite efficiently. These logos or namestyles of players and sponsors are incorporated easily , giving way to an important tool of promotion.   A lot of lettering and font options are possible, and also, numbers can be printed in full colors , eliminating extra costs on them. Apart from these, photographic representations of logos and players are definitely possible with ease through this process.

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