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Few Facts About Sublimation Printing You Should Know Before Using It!

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  • November 15, 2016

The recent uproar about sublimation printing has really taken it to a greater height. The printing method which was confined only to the sports fashion arena has now become universal and everybody can enjoy the vibrancy and comfort of the colours.

Thanks to the sublimation clothing manufacturers who have brought a vast array of designs and patterns which suit the taste of the modern customers and can make one stand out in the crowd. However, if you are a budding retailer of sublimation polo shirts, here are the things you should bear in mind.

Wrong Placement Of Graphics Can Just Ruin The Design

Yes! Manufacturers pay a lot of attention to perfect the placement of the graphics. Wrong placement of the designs can simple mess up the entire garment. Those who are looking for customized sublimation polo shirts must focus on placing the patterns at the right places. Sometimes, particular designs cannot be printed on the sleeves. So, before you place your order for your sublimated jacket or polo shirts, create a design that comes off as best through sublimation technique. If you want to sublimate a design right under the collar of a polo t-shirts, this might not be possible for the manufacturers. So, have a discussion with your manufacturer about which designs will be doable by them. Being clear about the outcome will help you come up with better and more feasible ideas.

White Patches May Appear – Do Not Be Afraid

If you use too many dark colours on your sublimation polo shirts, you might see white streaks along the seam line, around the shoulders and under the armpit which might at first seem gross to your eyes. This is why, take advice from the sublimated jackets and t-shirts manufacturers who will suggest you the perfect colours for your t-shirts.

Front To Back Wrapping Designs

It is a bit difficult for the manufacturers to create a design that wraps from front to back. The print does not always come as accurately as you imagine. Hence, think twice before uploading a design that comes from front to back.

Use Cotton For Sublimation

Cotton or any other organic fabric does not support this printing technique. Hence, you must opt for synthetic fabrics like polyester or spandex to make a perfect sublimated jacket or t-shirt.

Few Unique Advantages Of Sublimation Printing

Aside from the little bit of drawbacks, there are multiple advantages of these sublimation polo shirts. Whether you need added comfort or a long-lasting colour – sublimation fulfils your requirements. This printing method makes the colours last longer than the other techniques available in the market. On the other hand, as the colour reaches all the fibres of the polyester fabric, it does not stick loosely to the surface. This is why, it is much more comfortable.

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